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At ASD Enterprises Limited (ASDEL), we provide construction services, specialty engineering design services, in addition to residential and commercial building design. We are a full service construction and engineering company with experience in wood, masonry, concrete & steel design and construction.


The primary pillar of our organization is stellar service, which is the lifeblood of our company. We are continuously proud of the meaningful work we produce and most especially in how we serve our clients, our team, and the impact we have had in their lives. Responding to our clients and their challenges with consideration and helping them find creative solutions has been critical to our existence. We believe in the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you wish done unto you", which is founded on lifelong observations and wisely understanding that this is how life and business ought to be conducted for sustainability and long term significance/success.


The second pillar which has buoyed us remarkably is continuing education, both technical and personal development. We invest in courses, books, audiobooks and mentors to bolster our engineering design knowledge as well as to grow in maturity, compassion and wisdom. This, of course, directly benefits our clients, our team, ourselves and our families.


ASDEL was started by Ameen DeRaj, M. Sc., P. Eng. in 2007. Ameen has previous experience with Dillon Consulting Limited (1997-2007), where he was an Associate. Ameen's previous work has included residential and commercial designs, renovation of historic buildings, rehabilitation of bridges and the design of new bridges. One of the highlights of his career at Dillon was working on the Golden Boy Restoration Project and receiving the Early Achievement Award in 2006 from EGM. Ameen had also completed three years of a PhD program before starting ASDEL.

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